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In 2016, the Salon de l'herbe (Grass Fair) becomes the Salon de l'herbe et des fourrages (Grass and Forage Fair) as it now includes all forage crops. 

The Salon de l'herbe et des fourrages is : 

  • 1 fair destinated for livestock farmers, contractors, dealers in agricultural material and products, purchasing advisors
  • 40 ha for material and product demonstrations
  • 2 ha : the biggest forage display in France
  • 150 brands on show, represented by national suppliers
  • 30 000 visitors
  • 1 single aisle so that visitors don't miss a thing at the fair and exhibitors are sure of seeing all visitors

Why is the Salon de l'herbe et des fourrages important ? 


  • It's a chance to meet 30 000 livestock farmers
  • It's 40 ha in which to demonstrate material or to let visitors test it
  • It's 2 ha for the opportunity to create plant displays
  • With the event now being open to all forage crops, it's the occasion to give seeding spraying or tillage demonstrations
  • The single-aisle concept is the guarantee that you see 100% of visitors in  front of your stand


  • It's the one and only trade fair which takes place out in the field for all livestock farmers
  • It's 40 ha for demonstrations and material trials
  • It's 2 ha in which to discover the biggest forage display in France
  • National suppliers exhibit their latest new material and products
  • It's the chance to take part in seminars, workshops and conferences with top French International speakers
  • The single-aisle concept makes it possible to see everything in 1 day


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